Friday, July 11, 2008

To Nap or Not? That is the Question

Doesn't he look peaceful in this picture?

As a child, I hated naps. As an adult, I wish that I could take them. My son is in the first category. He does not want to take a nap, and thinks he does not need a nap. Unfortunately, an alien takes over on afternoons he does not nap. My normally well behaved child turns into one of those kids from Super Nanny that hit, throw temper tantrums, and run around the house throwing things and doing everything you tell him not to. Of course, I am usually exhausted myself and want nothing more to do with him. On the days that prince charming naps, not only do I get a nice little break myself, he is usually much easier to deal with. When he naps, my son is a friendly, outgoing, and generally helpful child. He will pick up his clothes and dishes. He will cooperate. The world is a much better place. He even sleeps better at night when he has a nap, so we all get better sleep.

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