Thursday, July 10, 2008

Memories of Grandma and Grandpa

The Lake home

About a year ago, my Grandma Seaton passed away. It marked the end of not only her life, but an era. Grandma was born in 1913 in Hewitt, Minnesota. She saw electricity, TV, computers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and many other inventions that we take for granted. In 1913, the world was a simplier place. People lived near relatives. Family came first. There were no TV dinners, just good old home cooked meals. When I asked Grandma Seaton about her mom she said that "She taught her the finer things in life like manners and being a lady". I remember going first to the house on the roof in Hastings, Minnesota. I don't remember much other than Grandpa's store was downstairs, and they lived upstairs. We were just expected to be quiet. Then Grandma and Grandpa had a lake home. I have some very fond memories of the lake. I remember ice skating in the winter, making ice cream, swimming and fishing in the summer. They only got one channel on TV, but that was ok. We were always either on the lake or playing games like Yahtzee. Those Yahtzee games were very competitive. I could share more, but with a family of my own I am about out of time.

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