Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer living is nice

Oh how I love summer. First of all, I get to actually sleep 9 hours per night. What a difference that makes in life. Next, I get to get caught up with all my friends that are blessed to stay home all year. For instance, yesterday, my friend and I got together with the kids at McDonald's. It is not so much about the food unless you are a kid. It is a good place to go, because the kids can play on the playground while you have an adult conversation. It is either shaded or air conditioned which is a plus.
Today, we did a park and lunch. As a mom, I have discovered that parks are generally a good place to meet other moms. Also, it is a good place to meet a mom friend to chat while the kids play. Of course, once it is too hot to play, lunch is a big hit. Today, we did Ruby's. The food is fairly good, and they have milkshakes. A bonus for my son is that he gets cherries.
Yesterday, we got a plastic pool at Wal Mart. I have been looking for one, since ours broke. Hopefully, we will get time to play tomorrow.
Ah, Wal Mart... I do try to avoid that store. Although, the one close to us is a pretty upscale one and I can usually find good deals on stuff. I took Andrew over there to spend a birthday gift card. He had lots to choose from and ended up with a transformer that I could not figure out. Needless to say, Carl had to come to my rescue last night.

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