Monday, April 28, 2008

Is it summer yet?

I am so ready for summer. As you can see in this old picture of me skating at the beach. Today, and this past weekend were perfect beach weather. So much for that idea, but Andrew and I did go into the jacuzzi for a good hour on Saturday. Now I am sure you are thinking somewhere along the lines about how a jacuzzi is not a cool thought on a hot day. The advantage of having your own jacuzzi is that I can heat as little or as much as I want. In this case, the water was about 85 and the outside temperature was about 100 as it has been for the past 3 days. It does get that warm here on occasion, but not too often. Someone was mentioning that South Dakota had snow this weekend. I can't even imagine snow, let alone snow the last week in April. It was a cool thought though. Besides the jacuzzi, we also have central air. That is essential in a climate that can get to 100 before the month of May. Granted, it still gets down to 65 at night; unlike Pheonix. Another thing we do to stay cool is have ice cream. Andrew loves vanilla ice cream cones. Yum. I hear that we are supposed to cool of to the mid sixty's by Wedneday. It keeps life interesting and our electric bill down.

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jaclynbailey said...

I can't believe you guys are suffering through all that heat! It is getting to the 80's here on a bad day! Congrats on starting a blog. I will read it!